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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 4, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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yesterday, the 10-year-old pleaded for his safe return, offering all of the money, her piggy bank had as a reward. we're getting word she's just reunited with nico moments ago. >> now, the woman who abandoned her 10-year-old daughter after a shop lifting atempt is on the way back to santa clara county and officers from nevada and california are transporting keelan in an extradition order. >> and killers are on the lose in san jose. >> police say a man was not breathing after reports of a fight and a man shot to death in a birthday party. >> a witness told abc 7 news several attackers wearing blue ban dan yaz rushed into the yard and shot the victim. police are investigating whether it's gang related.
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>> in vallejo, police arrested a retired marine accused of shooting and killing two neighbors. >> the 65-year-old served in the marine corps as a teenager, police say they knew each other but have not released a motive here. >> laura anthony is live with the latest in this case. >> and police don't know what made this 65-year-old snap and shoot and kill what appear to be two of his best friends. he walk add cross the street, shot two men, aged 50 and 58 in a front yard of one of the victim's homes. both were pronounced dead at the scene. and he held a s.w.a.t. team at bay 45 minutes before a negotiator was able to talk him into surrendering. neighbors and close friends brought crosses and flowers
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and left to wonder what man turn so violently on his friends. >> and they all seemed to be friends is all i can say. it's something triggered. i'm not sure. we just have no details yet. >> and now, this afternoon, police are not releasing the name of the victims. i guess not all family members have been notified. close friends did tell us this afternoon that both men were married and they both have each a single grown daughter. the investigation continuing here. >> there is oakland city officials insist the spike in violence will not be tolerated. they pleaded for witnesses to come forward anonymously and help police. five people were killed in oakland over an 18 hour period
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this week. >> and bart trains running on time this afternoon after a maintenance train and and and again, the trains are running on time this afternoon. >> more west nile virus news that is not good. there are five more birds and a chicken tested positive in five cities. the cities are discovery bay, brentwood, pleasant hill and walnut creek, vector control says the stifeling heat brings an increase in the mosquitoes that spread the virus. >> two people have tested positive this year. >> and there is a class action suit claims the fee is a tax and should require a two thirds vote from the legislature, governor brown calls it a fee to help with the budget deficit.
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>> and a group of people in the south bay is urging google to remove a video clip from you tube related to a film that is sparking violence around the globe. >> happening now in sharp contrast to violent protests around the world this peaceful demonstration in santa clara denounces an antiislam film made in the united states. these protestors are upset with google decision not to remove a video clip available on you tube. the crude film titled "innocence of muslims" angered many, triggering deadly violence. these mothers say they support freedom of expression, but not what they consider hurtful bullying its not okay to tease and if it's deliberate and provocative, it borders on faith based bullying, boy say. >> they say do are just hoping
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google reconsiders a plea to take down the clip. >> officials are investigating allegations of anti-semitism in the university of california berkeley claiming officials failed to stop protests. they say a protest against the treatment of palestinians contributed to a hostile climate on campus. a spokesman says they're constitutionally protected free speech. >> and the new head of the california state university system, the 63-year-old replacing charles reed who is retiring. he women take over in late december, paid nearly $422,000 a year. >> if you're anywhere near the city you can hear it now. blue angels doing practice flights over san francisco bay. and is surveying the area.
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they're known for flying 18 inches apart. doing it over san francisco bay is a special challenge. >> any time there is a body of water with a city coming down to the water that makes air and texture more turbulent. >> also we want to tell you a plane is making a debut this year this is a real combat plane capable of razor-sharp turns. this will perform saturday and sunday. >> and there is a live picture of the uss makeon island in san francisco. and abc 7 news has that story. >> this floating city was too bus dwree tiz vit -- visit san francisco last year.
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and it was preparing for a long deployment. the crew is considered to give you a tour. >> there is a interesting to see people are great to meet. have a lot of stories to tell. >> local dig tearies climbed on board today to meet with military leaders. they're focused on how they'll work with the military if there is a disaster here and we need help. >> experts in logistics and we need that should there be a big disaster that happens here that closes our roads. >> that focus has been a shift in fleet week festivities two. years ago, local leaders decided to try to make it more than just an air show. and officials say each year, the relationship has strengthened. >> truth be told we're not just learning about the military we're learning a lot about how things might play out in ways we never would
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have had the opportunity to before. >> on board the ship has six operating rooms and 17 icu beds and an elevator from flight deck. if the last advise jit an indication, expect long lines to get in. >> this is worth a wait to see what your navy does for you. and there are living conditions that are exceptional. a lot of people don't get that from standing on the street and looking at the ship. >> and tourists -- tours start here at 9:30. >> and amy, thank you very much. voters heading on to the bay are being warned to watch out for chaels whales, there is a experts fear more may come in search of food. voters required to stay 300 feet away from whales and avoid getting between a whale and her calf.
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and this is a very busy weekend. san francisco host six sporting events, fleet week starts and kicks off tomorrow in the castro street fair which is on sunday. >> there are giants opening saturday night at at and t park. hters entertain buffalo bills on sunday. >> no matter can one you may be attending you're advised to get there early. >> yes. and other event america's cup getting underway on san francisco bay and this is in about an hour from now. and teams racing at 5:10. there are 11 teams taking place and what a difference, it feels cooler. >> it does and this is a look, 65 at half moon bay.
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looking at inland locations that were in 90s most of the week just into 60s and 70s now there is a every location cooler now. 15 degrees cooler in concord, 19 degrees cooler in antioch. and san rafael. take a look at half moon bay, milledder than yesterday, here is the first forecast this evening there are cool to mild during evening hours, and lows ranging from 49 to 57. tomorrow, part to mostly sunny skies, highs ranging from 60s on coast to upper 70s inland. what will the weekend bring for activities going on? i'll give you a look at the accu-weather forecast later. >> excellent, thank you so much. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 soaring gas prices and a possible shortage. a steep increase you'll likely see by weekend. >> coming up major milestone
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for facebook. what the founder is saying today. >> and coming up later this hour there is an abc 7 news fact check, how accurate where candidates in the debate? we'll have real answers for you there is thursday and we'll take a look live at rush hour commute just getting underway. there is a look at the skyway, live. there are headlights towards you going on to bay bridge and taillights opposite direction, of course, not too bad. and stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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more pain at the pump for california drivers, triple a says the average state wide
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price jumped 8 cents overnight, prices up 18 cents in just the past week and there are officials blaming it on the pipeline as well as monday's power failure. >> good news that this is short lived and temporary in nature, once they start to come back up from the edge which exxon mobile is in the process of doing it's going to take days. >> this latest spike comes on the heels of one in august following an explosion of fire at the chevron refinery. nationwide, prices at the highest on record for this time of the year so, bad a few stations in southern california run out of gas because they cannot afford to hide wholesale price autos there is a milestone for face book. there is now one billion active users per month. there is acknowledging the
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company is going through a bit of a rough patch. shares rose half a percent yents today. in thanking users his post says in part that helping a billion people connect is mazing humbling and the thing i am most proud of. >> zynga is facing more set backs and microsoft ditching the movie theater. >> and. >> good afternoon, dan, arrow lynn. they cut earnings forecast for both the third and full year, they say games are falling in popularity, zynga says some new dwrilt koz be delayed and they expect to bring in $305
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million this year and says it expects a net loss in the third quarter in a statement saying quote this continued to be challenging and many performed to plan, as a whole, we did not execute to our sats fiction, end quote. this sent shares plunging and this is the second cuts since july, the latest in a series a set back for the company which has seen stock fall 70% this year. and there is best buy just hiring former expedia president and he will be charged with improving best buy's online sales. the retailer currently only generates about 6% of the sales online this, is after best buy says it must cut prices to compete with amazon
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and cisco hearing promoted two executives to the role of president, gary moore and robert lloyd among 10 that the ceo said are being considered as a possible successor. saying he may retire in two to four years and at and t says it's going to sell windows devices and will have rights to sell the high end 920 in the united states and will be selling rumia 820. both are counting on the new windows phone to win back the market share from apple and an droid devices microsoft bypassing the movie theater replace -- replace -- releasing it's movie based on a video game.
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and microsoft has taken a step of creating its own 90 minute move yeef. -- movie. there are stocks rising for a fourth day after reports on jobless claims and starbucks says an application allows customers to tip digitally will be added to the mobile payment app next summer. starbucks says it's teeming up with square saying customers should be able to use their square wallet in early november. and dan, carolyn, back to you. happy friday eve. >> little friday as we like to call it around here. >> and if you like your weather perfect you're going to like the forecast. >> there are things cooling
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down but there are clouds at the coast. there is a look westward, you can see low clouds and fog and there are sunny skies and there is a look, you can see coastal clouds and fog that stop at the coast. mainly sunny skies across the bay area, there is a look at forecast features we'll see clouds and fog spreading inland overnight. partly cloudy skies and this is to party sunny skies, weekend looking good. visibility falling and i wonder if races in the bay and there is blue grass festival and more, chance of showers next week z probably won't amount to much. starting at 7:00 this evening, there is movement far inland. we'll be looking at lows mainly into low to mid-50s so there is a different view at
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5:00 in the morning there is this low contributing to partly cloudy weekend meaning mainly sunny skies and that is going to bring a chance of showers, we not talking about heavy rainfall but there is a chance of showers, and there is 71 on the coast. 64 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco under partly cloudy skies. and up in the north bay, cool to mild and highs mainly into low to mid-70s. near east bay highs 67 in oakland. and mid to upper 70s, 76 in livermore and near monterey bay.
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highs and here is the accu-weather forecast. temperatures continuing to drop off gradually throughout the weekend. will be pleasant and lots of sunshine. and good viewing conditions for activities over the weekend. there is that chance of showers werk don't expect significant rainfall. now, you can be a winner when abc 7 give as way $49,000. there are friends on facebook that are eligible. just go to our page and that will take to you this page. you can fill out the form. we'll announce the winner october 18th after the game which we'll be seeing right here. >> and terrific, thank you. >> and the perhaps biggest winner is big bird, coming up his twitter feed. why people feel compelled to stand behind sesame street after the debate. >> and there isñ/&ñfñ!ñx1q1q
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police investigate a s.w.a.t. situation in an actress's home. >> and there is another celebrity joining the political campaign. >> from clint eastwood to eva longoria, celebrities playing
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a big role in the election. now, black eyed peas singer will-a-am is joining in. he described room as being tense and apologized for rapid tweeting and wrote it's important doing my part to remind people to vote. his work doesn't end there. he joined the president at a rally this morning and expected to attend more events throughout the day. and there is julianne moore missing pieces of jewelry from her home that total $127,000. police are investigating. and back in hollywood, ashton kutcher's home was a subject of a s.w.a.t. team yesterday. it turned out to be a hoax by an unknown prankster, he was on the set of his tv show. for more entertainment news go to >> and big bird is in high
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demand now from good morning america to saturday night live they're trying to book the character as the next guest. so far big bird is declining all appearances. the giant yellow puppet is hurt after the debate. mitt romney admitted he loves big bird but republican presidential nominee said he would slash funding to pbs which airs sesame street. the twitter sphere lit up, someone started a fired big bird account writing elmo needs help filing unemt employment forms, no thumb autos our coverage continues of the debate. what was true and accurate? >> a major fraud bust, 100 officials arrested in a case worth millions of dollars. >> and what is nearly a
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both presidential candidates back out on the campaign trail today. and there is president obama spent the morning in denver
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before heading to wisconsin for an afternoon rally. >> mitt romney saying you're not entitled to makeup your own facts. we've checked on what both had to say and whether or not it was factual. biggest dispute was over tax autos governor romney's central economic plan calls for a $5 trillion tax cut. >> i don't have a $5 trillion kachl tut can you tell. >> governor romney's proposal calls for a $5 dwrinl tax cut. >> i'm in the looking for a $5 trillion tax cut. >> fact check? the president is wrong to say romney's plan will add $5 twrinl to the deficit. romney said as he did last night the plan to lower the rate will be offset by closing loopholes and limiting deductions. and romney won't identify which loopholes or deduction.
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and concluded it's not possible to find enough loopholes and deductions. romney criticized that study. >> he cite a study. there are six studies looking at that study you described and say it's wrong. >> studies romney are talking about are from his own backers and advisors and a former advisor to george w. bush. on medicare, romney said the president's plan will limit care. >> this is going to tell people what kind of treatments they can have. >> this board can't make decisions about what treatments are given. that is prohibited in the law. >> the president is right on this one. the payment advisory board can make recommendations on drugs and medical devices that will be covered but there is no legal power to ration care. and the president saying premiums have gone up in a slower rate than any time in 50 years but that is not true.
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interest to and romney said mitdel income americans have seen income drop by $4300 a year, that is way too high showing it's about half of that. is one man telling more facts or better facts than another? we'll take a look what he says is the big difference. it's the money. >> that is interesting. >> according to a poll, april% of the registered voters said the g.o.p. nominee won. >> and the next debate takes place a week from today in danville, kentucky. abc 7 will air that debate live.
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>> the president will be in san francisco next monday for a fund-raiser at bill graham auditorium. this will be the president's sixth bay area fund raising visit this year. >> there is a crack down from department of justice, nearly 100 people arrested are part of a medicare fraud sting. >> looking at the second largest fraud bust in history. these miami arrests just some of the 91 doctors and nurses that are taken down, nationwide. >> such activity not only for precious resources but drive up costs and jep zizs -- dep dyeses the program including elderly, and disabled american autos in houston, the president of riverside general
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hospital and his son are part of seven arrests here accused of running $140 million kickback scheme. and there is often no medical care. >> the governor gets billed for unnecessary or nonexistent trips from brooklyn to los angeles hundreds of federal agents strike together to send one clear message to crooks. >> health care fraud never been a worse proposition than today. you're more likely to get caught if do you make a fraudulent claim wh. you do, you'll pay a bigger price. >> in one case officials say a doctor finds stacks of document was out review in a scheme to bring in as much money as fast as he could. >> and now, we want to share a day at the beach for a father and son struck by lightning kite surfing in florida a
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14-year-old thought he had lost his father. he says he saw a big white flash, dropped the kite and saw his dad on the ground. and stinging from pain, ky sprang into action. >> i was like dad, and he was like, wake up, everything. these people started running to him. >> you hear about danger of people getting struck. i never thought would it happen to me. >> and this is just amazing they both survived. to celebrate both intend to go out to do kite surfing. >> there is the bay area home to the oldest bottle nosed dolphin. he's settling in in vallejo,
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living with four females there. the hope is that he will fire a calf. and this average life expect tans gee 25 years in captivity. at 48 he's come a long way. >> very distinguished. >> yes. >> still to come a's fans getting ready for playoffs. lines as first tickets go on sale. >> and michael finney with a way to box up belongings without the wait. >> and a solution to food addiction. inside a book promising to make a difference in the battle of the bulge. >> on to the bay there is a trickle of coastal fog moving through golden gate. what skies will greet us tomorrow? i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and taking a look at the golden gate bridge now this is the toll plaza traffic moving into the city.
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that is slower towards marin county. stay with us.
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following breaking news in oakland, you can see eastbound traffic is extremely backed up now. just moments ago watches as a truck took away two vehicles that had collided there and overturned. those have been blocking three lanes of traffic here on 580.
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so this is a back up going to last sometime. cars try to make their way past what was an ugly accident. >> it's backed up. isn't it? playoff tickets available fr a team that is the talk of major league baseball. talking about a's. fans headed to buy tickets for the division series and there is most predicting a's to finish dead last. and there is best of five begins in detroit, saturday. and there is exciting stuff. >> let's get a check on the forecast now with spencer. >> spence jer back. let's take a look at conditions tomorrow there is
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75 in sacramento. 79 in lajs -- los angeles, here in the bay area, clouds pull back into the coast and there are low 60s at the coast. a lot going on tomorrow, here is the day planner, blue angels will be doing maneuvers in the sky. we'll see partly to mainly sunny skies and there is cloudy in early morning hours, we're looking forward to america's cup races that are between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. sunny skies and we'll see skies becoming cloudier. there is hardly strictly blue grass festival going on. cloudy in the morning and there are sunny skies into afternoon and mild conditions temperatures into low 60s and becoming cloudy, cool into evening hours, great day of weather and great day of activities. >> and just ahead a warning about an outbreak a rare form
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of meningitis. >> and a new tool that could help save newborn baby lives. the test making a real difference apparently coming up. >> and and a new solution to a card board moving box. newest innovation for the next move without that waste. >> and in the abc 7 newsroom coming up definite results about a chemical found in plastics. how koit harm brain development of young children z abc 7 news was there when a girl was reunited with a puppy thieves sfrol a home. a happy ending to a story we brought you last night at 5:00. áñ
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>> checking healthy living news health officials are warning of an outwreak of a rare form of meningitis saying it's likely to grow after sickening pa people in six states and there is all received ep dural steroid injections. the type snot contagious and cause bid a fungus found in leaf mold which health officials suspect may been in the steroids. and the company that dispensed it has issued a recall last week and now suspending operation autos and there is a
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viral bacteria that sickens 336,000 patients every year and this is researchers saying a medicine is working to prevent the infection in mice. >> and too often newborns die of genetic diseases before doctors know what is to blame. now, there is a way to decode dna in just days instead of weeks. this narrows down the suspicious mutations. the hope to avoid fuel yil care. >> according to u.s. census, 36 million americans move every year. one and a half million here in the bay area. that is a lot of card board boxing as you can imagine. there are ways that some entrepreneurs have come up with a solution to the card board box.
4:47 pm
reusable plastic wogs. hillary moved from san francisco to marin. and researching the cost of boxes the packaging and the impact of the environment she was certain there had to be a better way and there is a suggestion to try zipco. the company drops off and picks up plastic reusable box autos we have material that -- two years ago they launched the company both environment and cost savings in mind. >> each person uses between 60 and 75 boxes for a move with a lot of waste and that is going to end up in landfills. >> the boxes can be reused up to 500 times. the box costs about $3 and a card board box is in $2 to $3 range. however, one of the boxes
4:48 pm
holds 30% to 40% more than the same size card board box. hillary thinks she saved $50 in the end by using zipco. savings coming in different way autos they're going to save on boxes themselves, not having to get tape. and then, move time that is faster they're paying less time. >> there is a large company called arpen van lines considering making a change to plastic box autos there is tremendous potential to help improve the moving process. >> the movers were happy when arriving to find her house packed in stackable box autos we saved an hour to hour and a half of loading and unloading time. >> and the cost savings can add up, fast. >> and the customers save 25% to 50% on the total cost of the move.
4:49 pm
boxes made from recycled plastic then at the end of the life here gets ground down and remade back into boxes. go to abc 7 for a list of companies that offer reusable plastic boxes. >> putting the debate to muse skbrik a motivation to help people work out. there is what is trending with a look at the hottest videos first up sketch empire teams with guys to help motivate philadelphia residents to work out.
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>> those are the steps in front of the philadelphia museum of art. the rocky was shot. up next gregory brothers set the presidential debate to songs. ♪ [ music ] . >> are you going to tax these people? ♪ [ music ] or will you give them cash so. >> so good. and you knew they had to work that big bird line in there. come on that. will do it for trending videos. see you next time, bay area. >> thanks and coming up next are you addicted to food? the author says she can help you find out and tism the -- fix the problem. >> and a discovery of an old dinosaur and where it was found. >> and there is a look at what
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is ahead on world news. >> tonight on world news i know a lot of people in the bay area are asking the question what happens in president obama at the debate last night? what we learned today behind the scenes is fascinating and had the election changed? also the new series about navigating the economy. how you can make a lot more money if you want to sell a family car. watch. we help double the value after abc
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a question many people fighting to lose weight may want to ask. am i addicted to food? a new book seeks to answer that question and solve a problem. and abc's juju chang talked about her steps. >> kara admits whit came to food she was powerless.
4:55 pm
>> i would get wings, waffle fries with cheese and gravy. >> 22 and 316 pounds she decided to go on biggest loser. and lost 155 pounds. but soon, weight came back. she realized she was a food addict. dr. pete's new book describes how food is like a drug. >> how could a cupcake have the same qualities as cocaine. >> a combination of sugary, salty, fatty foods you're secreting lots of dopamine giving you a fantastic feeling of wow this, is wonder oofl for some people, pleasure receptors turn off, for others it keeps wanting more. but the doctor says you can retrain your brain using three m's. mind, mouth, muscles. >> there is one, strengthen
4:56 pm
the mind. two, trick the mouth. instead of a protein bar try a protein smoothy. move muscles working out and the brain is rewarded by endorphins. there is sarah now is recovery working her mind and body. >> and there is university of chicago scientist hailing the rediscovery of this two million year old dinosaur. and this is it was kept at harvard university claiming would it have looked like a two legged porcupine, weighing less than a house cat.
4:57 pm
this is a he says he found a tooth fishing on the san an tony river in about a foot of water because of the drought there. and he says he's not sure what he'll do with it. he says his son thinks it may be bad luck because of the rain they've had recently since his dad found that tooth. and sounds like it could be good luck. thanks for joining us and we want to remind but our alarm clock app from the iphone. and there is a happy reunion for a girl whose puppy was snatched by burglars. how reports helped get that dog back home. >> researchers uncovered a link between a plastic
4:58 pm
chemical and affects it may have on a child's brain development. >> there is a cooler autumn pattern, how about the possibility of showers? >> and good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> beginning with great news for little san jose girl whose puppy was stolen. >> nice to start with the story. two reunited within the hour, burglars took the 5-month-old after stealing a lot of the family possessions. abc 7 news is live in san jose with today's great news. >> this is wonder tofl see a woman who found the dog more than a hundred miles from here saw the picture on the phone news app. this made for a happy ending. >> this is a tear skfl
4:59 pm
surprise reunion between nico and her 10-year-old companion. >> thank you to everybody. who made this happen. >> and i thought he'd been gone forever. i'm so happy. >> and thieves stole nico on monday. we reported the callous crime yesterday in addition to a hefty reward fund she was offering the contents of her piggy bank. this woman save l.says she gave her the puppy. >> you can have him of i just found him right now. i don't know whose it is. maybe you can have a good home for him. >> amid hugs and tears, police officers presented her with a reward check and she


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